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Save Time - Our Morning Market report helps subscribers save time by cutting through the sheer volume of opinions and thoughts that exist online and in the mainstream media today. It's an All-in-One, in depth summary of the market for you, or to share with clients.

Actionable Ideas - Receive actionable ideas that are based on fundamental and technical analysis.  We take complex macro-economic concepts (Chinese economic developments, implication of rising interest rates, GDP reports, FOMC Statements, etc.) and tell you: 1) What you need to know, 2) Why it’s important  3) How it will move markets. 4) and, where the technical indicators are that will lead you to highest profit.

Growth - If you are looking to grow your portfolio or if you are professional trying to add to your assets under management we are the perfect site.  Pros and serious investors alike have used MavenTown to stay ahead of the markets and to make sure their clients and portfolios are positioned to both outperform while also being aware well in advance of any “financial storm” that may blow up.

Focus - Our reports focus on specific events that allow you to quickly realize what is important to your winning trades.

Winning -  Our contributors are active traders and portfolio managers not professional writers.  The bottom line is they have skin in the game just like you and are looking to share ideas to help you outperform.
Be Heard - Our contributors are open to your ideas and comments.  They enjoy the personal correspondence that a site like MavenTown allows them to have.
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